Erin Botterill – Registered Psychologist

Behind Our Great Fear, Lies Our Greatest Gifts

I take a lot of pride in creating a comfortable haven for my clients, where people can feel safe discussing the things they fear most.  Many of us have good friends and family to speak to about our troubles, and some do not.  Either way, my knowledge of how the mind works alongside my compassion and genuine wish to help people, makes me a good choice to be your go-to-professional.

“I want you to leave your appointments feeling more confident you can deal with your challenges in the real world.”


I am a psychologist who current with latest treatment strategies including EMDR, DBT & CBT, and who can relate to the challenges that are holding you back in life.  If you are not living the life you want, or not enjoying the things you want or used to enjoy, my therapy style will be a good fit.  I help people become free of the patterns that might be holding them back.

“I aim to help you get better, not just feel better.”



If you meet me, you will discover that I am very transparent and down-to-earth – a “real” person, and probably a lot like you.  Envision yourself feeling deeply understood and never judged…and by someone similar to your age so you don’t have to explain why some things matter to you.  

You will feel supported, accepted and compassion from my heart no matter what you are going through or experiencing.  All humans struggle, and every struggle deserves to be honoured.  How you feel deserves to be respected and never judged.

“Our work together will help you get to know your self better so you can trust your own intuition for guidance as you work through challenges in life”


I am a Good Fit For You If:

  • You want a Psychologist who is easy to talk to who will make your experience uplifting
  • You want a Psychologist who is by side and will work hard to deeply understand your experience and help you work towards getting what you need in life
  • You want a Psychologist who is kind and caring, but will give you honest and direct advice about you and your situation.
  • You want a Psychologist who is hopeful, positive and believes in you.
  • You want a judgement-free zone.

Issues I Work With:

  • Getting anxiety under control
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Learning coping skills
  • Working through depression
  • Maternal mental health including postpartum depression, anxiety, birth trauma, miscarriage & support during the transition to motherhood.
  • Recovering from grief or loss (including losing a loved one or loss of a job)
  • Motivation difficulties
  • Career counselling – changing careers, exploring careers or getting your dream job
  • Developing a healthy self-esteem 
  • Navigating through relationship challenges
  • Overcoming stress and feeling overwhelmed
  • Family difficulties
  • Managing difficult emotions such as anger
  • Supporting through transitions in life such as having children, losing a loved one, or marriage
  • Insomnia or sleep issues
  • And MORE – email me to see if I can help you with the challenge you are experiencing

Client Characteristics:

  • Adults

As an Edmonton Registered Psychologist, you may have coverage from your employer insurance for my services.  Contact your insurance company for more information about your coverage.

I am available for in-office appointments as well as Telehealth (Video or phone) sessions.