You Don’t Need Your Negative Thoughts Anymore

Start Taking Steps to Rid Yourself of Worry and Negative Thoughts

If you feel anxious or depressed a lot of the time, you’re probably missing out on a lot of the best parts of life.  Family, friends, relationships, work, and fun can all fall by the wayside when our attention and energy is taken up by anxiety or a low mood.

“With a bit of work, you can stop feeling afraid and start feeling confident.”

We will work as a team to help you get your life back using simple tools that you can employ at any time when you begin to feel anxious or depressed.  Before long, you will find yourself living a life that feels authentic and ‘right,’ freed at last from the shackles of worry, fear and hopelessness.

Nobody’s Perfect

If Only I’d…

Sound familiar? If you often find yourself ruminating or obsessing over how you could have performed better in a given situation, you may be struggling with perfectionism. However, there’s a secret that you need to know about being perfect: there’s no such thing.

Instead of feeding into your perfectionism, we’ll work to dissolve it by rebuilding your expectations about yourself and about the world.

“We’ll help you set smart, achievable goals that you can meet in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.”

You’ll be the driver of your own life, rather than feeling like you’re always running after a train that’s leaving the station without you.

What If People Don’t Like Me?

It’s Okay Not to be Liked by Everyone

Stop Spending Countless Hours Worrying About What Others Think About You

It is completely normal and utterly human to have a desire to be liked by others. However, when this desire prevents you from living your life as you want to, or if you find yourself becoming extremely afraid of rejection or disapproval, it’s time to address the issue.

“We can help you stop people-pleasing and start living for yourself.”

We’ll discuss your worries and why you might have them, and then we’ll find a way for you to let them go. You’ll be able to accept the fact that you can’t please everybody all the time, and regain a satisfying sense of control and authenticity in your day-to-day life.


Does Your Anxiety or Depression Come Out of the Blue?

Or Are Worries Constantly on Your Mind?

Do You Find Yourself Feeling Anxious or Hopeless Out When Things Feel Out-of-Control?

Sometimes, we can have a constant level of stress bubbling beneath the surface but not even notice it. It’s kind of like having a big pot of boiling water on your stove – pressure can build internally for a pretty long time before things get out of control and burn you.  Together, we will lay out strategies for you to notice stress when it starts, and prevent it from getting out of control.  You’ll start to become more accepting of things that you can’t change, and have tools at hand to make you feel more at ease in any situation.

“We’ll identify your stressors and design tools to help you manage each one.”

LifeWise Counselling will help you stop living under the constant threat of depression, panic and worry, and help you live your life the way you see fit.  Contact us if you have any questions on how we can help you start changing your life.


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