Child and Adolescent Assessments

Child and Adolescent Assessment

School can be sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for children and families.  These challenges can also be worse if we do not understand why they are struggling academically, socially or emotionally.

Assessments are a formal way of measuring how well your child is functioning in comparison to other children their age.  It can tell us how your child’s brain is functioning and how this may be affecting their overall performance.  Families often request assessments to help address concerns related to school, but assessments can also be used to discover and explain behavioural, emotional, or social struggles that impact your child in at home or in other settings such as daycare, sports, or clubs.

The assessment results can direct parents, teachers, and other professionals on how to best meet your child’s needs.  We will make sure parents understand what the results of the assessment mean to their family, develop strategies or approaches for your child to succeed, and explore next steps and resources.

Common Referral Issues:

  • Learning Difficulties (i.e. reading, math, writing, processing challenges, etc.)
  • Attention Challenges (i.e. ADHD)
  • Achievement Problems
  • Behavioural Challenges
  • Adjustment Difficulties (i.e. anger, anxiety, depression)
  • Developmental Concerns (i.e. cognitive delays)
  • Giftedness

How much does an assessment cost?

The cost of an assessment for your child can varry depending on the type of assessments required.  Your extended health care benefits may cover a portion or all of the cost.  We suggest contacting your benefit provider to determine whether or not you have coverage, and how much.  Please contact us to ask how we can work with you to maximize your insurance coverage.

What assessments are available?

Our Registered Psychologist, Angela Young – specializes in several assessments including cognitive, adaptive and behavioural assessments for children and adolescents with learning, behavioural challenges in school.

If you are interested in an assessment, contact us and we will put you in touch with Angela for a consultation.